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Jamie Carmichael

James (Jamie) Carmichael

Jamie is the youngest of the Carmichaels. He is six years old, and was born just a few months before his mother left the family. He doesn't remember her. While Jamie knows it's not normal to have been brought up mainly by his big sister, he is very proud of her. She is his best friend. Jamie's dad has just gotten married. This new lady, Natalie, is living with the Carmichaels. Jamie likes Natalie because she's nice to him, lets him do what he wants, and gives him lots of presents. Jamie is confused, though, because Rebecca says that Natalie is mean and that he shouldn't talk to her. Jamie trusts Rebecca, and has all his life, but he doesn't understand why she doesn't like Natalie e. She is so nice! Jamie knows that they fight a lot, but still, Natalie is always nice to him. She can't be that different to Rebecca. Jamie is worried that Rebecca is spending too much time away from home, at grandpas. Jamie is sad that his Grandma just died, but he doesn't know why his grandpa is so different now. Soon Jamie will be going to elementary school. He is excited and yet worried at the same time. What if he doesn't make any friends? What if they all know things that he doesn't? Jamie's mind doesn't settle too much on these things; there are many other fun things to think about!

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