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Natalie Carmichael nee Brooks

Natalie Carmichael nee Brooks

Natalie grew up in a rich family, and was a little spoiled due to this. So after a life of private schools and travelling around the world, when at age 23 she wanted to drop out of university and marry a man she had met in Europe recently, who was her family to say no?

Natalie and Geoff had been married about three years when Natalie gave birth to twin girls. The 26 year old mother was ecstatic, as was her family. Geoff's family, who had never exactly approved of the marriage, were happy as well.

Unfortunately, things went downhill from there. Geoff was promoted and had to spend most of his time at work, leaving Natalie to deal with the twins. Although they hired a nanny, Natalie, being a very possessive person didn't trust the nanny and preferred to do things herself. She suffered from a sever case of Post Natal Depression, which kept her away from her work at the Advertising Agency even longer than expected.

About a year ago, two things happened. First, Natalie found out that Geoff was having an affair with another woman. And second, Natalie began to find an interest in her optometrist, Dr. Russell Carmichael.

As she and Russell became closer, he helped her through the lawsuit from hell divorce she and Geoff were trying to negotiate. Natalie's work began to suffer and she found herself in danger of losing her job. On account of this, and the fact that Natalie was in a fairly unstable emotional state, Geoff won custody of their two daughters. Natalie was devastated, and turned to Russell for support. She was not at all surprised when he asked her to marry him. Soon after that, Natalie became pregnant again. Although she was afraid of going through Post Natal Depression again, she felt that Russell would protect her and make everything all right.

A few of Natalie's friends raised their eyebrows when they heard that Natalie's fianc* was 20 plus years older than she is, but when they saw how happy she was, they realized that it didn't really matter. Natalie was very happy, as Russell gave he a very stable base off which she could work, but always knowing that she had a secure home to return to.

When Natalie met Russell's family, they seemed nice enough, although his father was a little dubious about the whole thing. When he refused to attend their wedding, things started to get worse. Stanley. Russell's father, wouldn't speak to either of them, and was telling Rebecca, Russell's teenage daughter horrible things about how Natalie was too young, and not good enough. Speaking of Rebecca, she resented Rebecca because she was so young, as well as because she had taken over the mother's place in the household. She tried to get Jamie, her younger brother and a genuinely nice kid, to hate Natalie as well. Natalie is sure that she is being nice enough to Jamie that he won't hate her like Rebecca does.

Natalie spends her days out or at home with Jamie and the nanny (Rebecca is always at Russell's father's or out with her friends doing God only knows what), and her nights with Russell. Although she is stressed out by the family she has just married into, she hopes they will calm down once they get over the recent loss of Rose, Russell's mother. For now, she and Russell are happy, and Natalie is sure he will help her as her pregnancy becomes more of an issue.

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