Stress Management

More and more, people are being affected by stress, and with this increase in chronic stress sufferers is an increase in treatments for stress. Not so long ago, stress and its symptoms were not thought of as worthy of treatment, now, more than ever people are searching for cures for headaches, anxiety, tension and all of the other symptoms of this pest that we call stress. And with this increase there is also an increase in the variety of treatment. It is now possible to choose a treatment from both the conventional medical field and from the naturopathic field, which is gaining tremendous popularity.

With each new day, massage, aromatherapy, accupressure, yoga, tai chi, and other methods of relaxation are becoming common around the house. And with each new day, more people are opting not to reach over for that coffee, cigarette, or Tylenol, but instead to go for a walk, to stretch out their muscles, to take a hot soak in the bath tub, to listen to relaxing music, to just take a break from the hectic schedule of life.

In the following pages are descriptions of and instructions for various relaxing methods. By reading these pages and following some of the methods, you will have made the first step in learning to manage your stress. All of these treatments are only half the answer. By doing some of these exercises you will relieve your stress but from that point on, nothing stops it from coming back. It is recommended that these exercises are done on a regular basis, not only to relieve stress but also to prevent it.

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