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Introduction to 2010

A project by Liz Beattie, Mhairi Martin, Miriam Shaposhnik and Kristin Vaga

We have done our Canada 2010 project on stress. We chose this for a number of reasons. First of all, when we heard that our topic had to relate to technology and change, we realized that stress can be caused by both of these things. In order to relate our project to the future, we have included our opinions as to what stress may be like in the future.

We realized that we needed to break stress down into many small parts to deal with it, and that we would not be able to cover everything. So, each of us has researched a subtopic of stress, as well as helped to write the general introduction to stress.

We used a variety of research tools, from having people fill out surveys to the more traditional "research from a book" approach.

As we did the project, we found the topic more and more interesting. We think this is because stress is such a prevalent issue in todays society, and any information on how to reduce it or deal with it is welcomed eagerly. Anyways, we hope that you find it as interesting as we do!

And A Special Note for Mr Kitchen!