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A Special Note to Mr Kitchen!

A Special Note to Mr Kitchen!

Dear Mr K,
Thank you so much for your patience in this endeavour. We realize how much of a setback the lateness of this assignment is, and ask you to please forgive our incompetence!

However, our webpage being late was not due simply to incompetence, but was late mainly because of external factors beyond our control. We would have been all set to hand it in on Thursday May 29 at noon, as we had arranged, except that our server, GeoCities crashed at about 10'o'clock that morning. Essentially, it was down the entire weekend and as far as we know, it is still down. It came up every once in awhile, but at that point that was of no use to us.

Fortunately, another server, Tripod, increased the amount of space it is giving to its members to two megabytes, from the previous 200 kilobytes. At this point, we were able to upload all the files from GeoCities, as well as all our other, already written files, onto Tripod.

We did this on Monday June 2, and we are handing in our final product on Wednesday June 4.

Once again, thank you for your understanding!
The members of the Stress group,
Liz Beattie
Mhairi Martin
Miriam Shaposhnik
Kristin Vaga

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